Corporate Social Responsibility


Commit to Environment, Society and Corporate Governance

The Policy of Corporate Social Responsibility

  1. Contribute to information-driven society by supplying components to semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing equipment
  2. Aim to realize a sustainable society
  3. Create and improve the workplace environment for all active participation
  4. Establish a sound management base

Process to Identify Key Issues (Materiality)


Realize the Sustainable Society

FY2030 By FY2030, renewable energy will provide more than 50% of electricity usage by renewable energy compared to the use in FY2019
FY2025 Endorse the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and implement information disclosure within the framework of TCFD
FY2030 Reduce consumables (recycle cutting fluid 30% of new purchases)
FY2030 Reduce 40% of packaging materials and defective products compared to marginal profit ratio of FY2019

Product Competitiveness

Continuous Target Enhance prototyping and programming capabilities
FY2022 IImprove the efficiency of invested capital
Achieve asset-based ROIC* 18%
Achieve debt-based ROIC 14%

* ROIC: Return on Invested Capital

Productivity Improvement

FY2022 Promote facilities automation

The challenge to Technological Innovation

FY2025 Promote Digital Transformation(DX)

Human Resources Development

FY2025 Build a human resources development team and its plan, enhance the investments in education per employee
FY2023 Achieve 100% of employees receiving reviews for regular performance and career development one or more times per year

Employees and Workplace

FY2025 Achieve 100% of parental leave and return to work
FY2025 Receive “Platinum Kurumin,” a certification by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare to the companies providing superior support for childcare
FY2025 Make a workplace well-understanding of the socially vulnerable, including minorities/LGBT people, create a friendly environment, and provide them opportunities to work actively
FY2025 Promote women’s active participation (increase the percentage of women employees and in management)
FY2023 Achieve 150% of statutory employment rate for persons with disabilities
FY2023 Achieve 100% rate of safety training participation


FY2025 Promote diversification of the Board of Directors
FY2022 Increase the ratio of the number of outside directors
FY2022 Establish an executive compensation system that works as an incentive


FY2030 Promote research and development of rehabilitation device

Action Plan for Environment (excerpts)

  • By 2030, invest more than 400 million yen in renewable energy such as solar power, and establish a system to cover more than 30% of the electricity consumption.
  • Improve recycling rate by cutting fluid recycling equipment.
  • Change packaging materials from plastic to paper.
  • Save resources by recycling packaging materials and using returnable boxes.

Action Plan for Society (excerpt)

  • Acquire the naming rights of facilities in Izumi City and contribute to local cultural activities.
  • Prepare the course of the local relay race, New Year Mugifumi Ekiden, by weeding and cleaning.
  • Donate to local cultural activities.
  • Secure the employment opportunities for senior citizens
  • Support the independent career choice and its development of persons with disabilities

Action Plan for Governance (excerpt)

  • Promote female directors to diversify the board of directors
  • Increase the number of outside directors to have a majority of outside directors on the board
  • Introduce a share-based compensation system for executive directors to align interests with shareholders

Our Code of Conduct (in Japanese)

We have established “Our Code of Conduct” and disseminated our rules to all executive officers and employees, and made them aware of their social responsibility.