Philosophy and Vision


Management Philosophy

1.Aim to achieve the ultimate technology
2.Value spirits of competition and collaboration
3.Contribute to society as a technology-focused company


Business Goal

We offer the best solutions for customers’ challenges in quality, cost, delivery, and technology.

Social Contribution Policy

We support customers to solve their challenges with our technologies.

Decision Making Method for technology, sales, and management

Pursue The Essence of Things.


The Policy of medium-term business plan


Aim to become a permanent company by continuous “innovation” of manufacturing and management methods

The policy in FY2021


Make “progress” of our strengths of technology, organization, and profitability that we built-up, and promote “innovation.”

Long-term Vision

Focus on precise machining technology as our origin, be the leading manufacturer supporting customers in various industries by cutting-edge technology and supply capacity.

Management and Quality Policies

  1. Focus on parts machining as the origin of Monozukuri, craftmanship in manufacturing, be a leading manufacturer with cutting-edge technology and supply capacity supporting customers in various industries.
  2. Respond to customers’ requests for quality, cost, delivery, and technology, contribute to society by winning customers’ satisfaction and trust.
  3. Pursue the “Essence of Things”, improve quality management systems continuously to work effectively.

Environmental Policy

  1. Work on reducing our business activities' environmental impact with the key theme of "Reduce energy consumption and consumables per marginal profit".
  2. Always recognize the environmental impact of our activities, products, and services. Work to prevent pollution, and continuously endeavor to improve our environmental management system.
  3. Comply with environmental laws, regulations, ordinances, and other requirements that we agree to relate to our activities, products, and services.
  4. Communicate and inform all employees, and open to the public of the environmental policy.