Aim to achieve ultimate technologies

Manufacture vacuum components, the core of semiconductor manufacturing

We manufacture high-leveled vacuum components technically through the processes of machining, welding, assembly, and surface treatment in the ONE-STOP system.

We have Electron Beam Welding equipment covering the large-small size of vacuum chambers and other precise vacuum components.

Our advanced technologies built-up in semiconductor and other fields contribute to our customers. We are aiming to achieve ultimate technologies and to become the best manufacturer.

Marumae’s ONE-STOP manufacturing system

The semiconductor market is expected significant growth in demand and technological innovation due to the rise of AI, IoT, 5G, and the shift from conventional 2D-NAND to 3D NAND, capable of storing and processing large amounts of data.

To support our customers in the growing market, Marumae has prepared the ONE-STOP manufacturing system through machining, welding, unit assembly, etc., to provide core components for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Support for Prototype

Prototype support with R&D

Information Technology is now everywhere in our lives, and society is getting "smarter" in cars, homes, offices, factories, etc., at high speed than ever.

Accordingly, the R&D need has been increasing in semiconductor manufacturing technologies to support the "smart" society more than ever.

We respond to the high-leveled requests from customers in those fields with our original ideas and know-how.

Mass production with consistent quality and manufacturing capabilities

Under the strict control by Change Control(CC) and Copy Exactly(CE) concepts in the semiconductor manufacturing field, our R&D team continuously improves manufacturing efficiency, preventing defects and mass-production technologies.

Additionally, we proactively invest in facilities following the market trends to compete in the market for stable quality and supply.