Aiming for the Ultimate Technologies

Manufacturing Vacuum Components

Manufacturing vacuum components, which are the core units of semiconductor production equipment (SPE)

Marumae implements the integrated manufacturing system, which includes cutting, welding, assembly, and surface treatment processes for vacuum components that present a high level of technical difficulty.

By introducing large-, middle-, and small-size Electron Beam Welding (EBW) devices, Marumae has manufactured a wide range of products, such as vacuum chambers and high-precision vacuum components.

We pursue the ultimate technologies and contribute to our customers by providing excellent products that our competitors cannot by combining the wide range of technical capabilities that we have nurtured in various fields with our advanced technologies in the semiconductor field.

Integrated Manufacturing System

Marumae's ONE-STOP manufacturing system

The semiconductor market has the potential for significant growth driven by AI, IoT, and 5G.

In addition, the market has the potential for further expansion in demand for semiconductors and technological innovation, such as the shift from the conventional 2D NAND to 3D NAND, in which a large volume of data can be stored/processed.

In accordance with this market expansion, Marumae has established a manufacturing system that can perform the cutting, welding, and unit assembly processes for the key SPE components in one stop.

Support for Prototyping

Support for prototyping, including research and development

IT technologies have been spreading into our living environments; as a result, the whole of society, including vehicles, housing, offices, and factories, has been getting smarter.

In the semiconductor manufacturing technologies that support our smarter society as well, R&D needs are much higher than ever before.

We can respond to highly specific requests and requests with a high level of technical difficulty from SPE with our unique technical ideas and know-how for realizing such ideas.

Mass Production Technologies

Mass production technologies for stable quality and stable supply

In the SPE industry, under controls based on Change Control (CC) and Copy Exactly (CE!), we have been improving our mass production technologies.

At the initiative of our in-house R&D group, we have been continuously making improvements, such as higher production efficiency and countermeasures for rejects and defects, without diminishing CC and CE!

In addition to the improvement in mass production technologies, we are looking ahead at market trends and have invested in facilities with high competitiveness in order to realize stable quality and stable supply.