Manufacturing System


Advanced facilities, Advanced technologies

Product Samples

Marumae mainly manufactures vacuum components, the core of semiconductor/flat panel display manufacturing equipment.

Customers' main processes where our products are used;

  • Etching
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
  • Coater/developer
  • Sputtering
  • Single Wafer Cleaning
  • Ashing
  • Wafer Bonding
  • Ion Implantation
  • Annealing

Our main products for the customers;

  • Vacuum Chamber
  • Shower Head
  • Exhaust Plate
  • Electrostatic Chuck
  • Heaters
  • Upper Electrode
  • Target
  • Parts for Transfer System
  • Other Vacuum Parts


HQ and Izumi Factory / 72,330㎡
Precise metal components for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Takaono Factory / 16,710㎡
Precise metal components for semiconductor/flat panel display manufacturing equipment
Kanto Office, 1,516㎡
Precise metal components for semiconductor/flat panel display manufacturing equipment

Main Facilities

Automated Production Line

We aim 24/7 fully automated production system by our line combined with robots, machine tools such as lathe/MC, and auto-storage, mainly used to manufacture vacuum components in mass-production for the semiconductor field.

Electron Beam Welding(EBW) Equipment

EBW is a high-accurate/reproducible technology that weld metals such as aluminum and stainless by EB irradiation accelerated by magnetic force in a vacuum. The machine is used to manufacture vacuum components, such as those with cooling paths for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Our EBW equipment covers a max of about φ700mm works. As for large parts over 3 meters, we also accept customers' inquiries flexibly.

Double-column, 5-face Milling Machine

The table size is W3.5 x L6 meters and enables to machine from multi-direction. They are mainly used for machining vacuum chambers and other core components for flat panel display manufacturing equipment. We have more machinery line-up, 13 of Double-column 5-face/Double-column type, 3 of Gun-drill machines, etc.

Intelligent Multitasking Machine

Two machining processes by lathe/5-axis(milling by rotary tool) controls can be integrated to perform complicated/highly-precise machining with high-efficiency by one-chucking. Mainly used for vacuum components machining for semiconductor field. We have more large-small machinery line-up over 100 of machine tools include 10 of 5-axis MC.