Research and Development


High-efficient manufacturing system built by in-house R&D

Originally developed Comprehensive Technologies

Our business has grown about 7 times over the last decade, even though a latecomer to the semiconductor field.

The driver is the ONE-STOP manufacturing system and comprehensive technologies corresponding from prototypes to mass-production.

With our know-how built up in various industries, we achieve the speedy response for prototypes/high-mix low-volume products, and high-efficient manufacturing, consistent quality/supply for mass-production.

MARUMAE MANUFACTURING SYSTEM for high-efficiency manufacturing

We majorly provide vacuum components, the core of semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Those components are usually high-mix low-volume products and need various prototypes.

We promote systematization by our original push manufacturing method and own technologies built up over the years without relying on each operator's skills to respond to those requests.

Combined those systems, factory automation, and labor-saving, and established as MARUMAE MANUFACTURING SYSTEM.

We further improve productivity per-person, delivery time, and cost-competitive manufacturing system by automation and labor-saving.

R&D and manufacturing of medical devices

We focus on the design, development, and manufacture of medical devices by applying our advanced know-how built-up in the semiconductor field.

Looking ahead to the future, we grow the business continuously, from prototype development, mass-production to market launch, and will expand full-scale commercialization.

Our latest achievement is the “Hemiplegic Forearm Function Recovery Training Device” in collaborative R&D with Professor Yu Yong of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Kagoshima University.

That performs the “Kawahira Methods, “which is effective for repetitive facilitative exercise to improve hemiplegia caused by stroke instead of manual training by doctors and therapists.

System Development

We develop and build internal software systems such as sales, purchasing, manufacturing/inventory control, and work management systems.

Through our in-house development, we build a comprehensive management system to improve work efficiency and productivity.