Research and Development


Highly Efficient Manufacturing System Built by In-house R&D

Comprehensive Technical Capabilities

Comprehensive technical capabilities based on Marumae's unique composite applied technologies

Although we are a follower manufacturer of semiconductor production equipment (SPE) components, Marumae's business scale has grown roughly seven-fold over the past decade.

The driving power behind this growth is our ONE-STOP integrated manufacturing and our comprehensive technical capabilities that can support the series of phases from prototyping to mass production.

By applying the technical know-how we have cultivated in various industries and fields to the semiconductor field, Marumae has achieved both quick support, which is required for prototyping and high-mix low-volume production of products, as well as high-efficiency manufacturing, stable quality, and stable supply, which are required for mass-produced products.

Marumae Manufacturing System

The "Marumae Manufacturing System" designed to improve the efficiency of high-mix, low-volume production and prototype manufacturing

In Japan, the level of manufacturing technology for SPE is quite high, an evaluation shared by domestic and overseas manufacturers.

In particular, Marumae manufactures various vacuum components, which are the core SPE units.

There are various types of components for SPE, but the required quantity of each type is small. In addition, many prototypes must be supplied.

To respond to these requirements, Marumae has systematized the manufacturing technologies we have cultivated, including our unique push manufacturing method, without relying on individualized technical know-how.

In addition, Marumae has established the unique "Marumae Manufacturing System" by combining such manufacturing methods with FA for repetitive manufacturing, automation, and labor savings. Going forward, Marumae will further improve productivity per person by utilizing automation and labor-saving technologies in order to shorten delivery times and realize a manufacturing system that is highly cost-competitive.

Research and Development

Manufacturing and R&D of medical devices

Marumae is also focusing on the design, development, and manufacturing of medical equipment by applying the advanced manufacturing know-how we have cultivated in the SPE field.

Marumae has continuously nurtured business through the series of phases from prototype development, product mass production, and release to market. Marumae is working on full-scale business with an eye to the future.

In addition, Marumae has developed and manufactured a "hemiplegic forearm function recovery training device" through joint research with Professor Yu Yong at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Kagoshima University. This device can perform the "Kawahira method," which is effective for recovering from hemiplegia caused by a stroke, instead of manual recovery training by a doctor/therapist.

System Development

Developing in-house core systems, including a manufacturing control system

Marumae has internally developed and built various systems required within the company, such as our manufacturing control system, sales/purchasing management system, inventory control system, and work management system.

We can build a comprehensive management system by developing various systems internally by ourselves in order to improve operational efficiency and productivity.