Marumae's History and Milestones

The Beginning: 1965–1999


Marumae was founded by the late Tsutomu Maeda in 1965 during Japan's period of rapid economic growth. The company began as an ironworks engaged in plate working and plumbing. In 1997, a separate R&D business (which now serves as the core of Marumae's operations) joined the company, and we began producing steam turbine blades for power plants, robotic arms, and other manufacturing industrial parts by machining. These activities formed the foundation of today's Marumae.

Apr. 1965 Tsutomu Maeda (former president and adviser) privately founded an ironworks in Izumi, Kagoshima.
Oct. 1988 The ironworks was reorganized into Marumae Kogyo Ltd. (the current Marumae) with capital of 2 million yen.
Chishiki Factory
Chishiki Factory
1992* Toshikazu Maeda (the current president) privately founded T'sM's R&D (currently one of Marumae's businesses) to manufacture motorcycle parts.
Sep. 1997 Marumae Kogyo Ltd. took up the business of T'sM's R&D and established an R&D division for machining.
Turbine blades
Motorcycle parts

* Exact month unclear

Expansion: 2000–2009


The 2000s saw the rapid spread of computers, mobile phones, and other communication devices. LCD TVs and other high-performance electrical goods were also put onto the market at this time.

Marumae ventured into the field of flat panel displays (FPDs) and began to focus on the manufacture of vacuum components.

Following the relocation of the headquarters and factory in 2003, Marumae expanded its scope of business by focusing on the production of large-scale products while simultaneously entering the field of solar cell manufacturing. Marumae was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) Mothers index in 2006.

Apr. 2001 Changed the company name to Marumae Co., Ltd., and reorganized with capital of 10 million yen.
Dec. 2003 Completed the Takaono Factory and relocated the headquarters to that site.
Dec. 2004 Selected for the Green Sheet system managed by the Japan Securities Dealers Association.
Dec. 2005 Completed the 2nd factory at Takaono.
Dec. 2006 Listed on the TSE Mothers index.
Feb. 2007 Started operations at the Kumamoto Factory.
Mar. 2008 Completed the 4th factory at Takaono.
Apr. 2008 Started operations at the Kanto Factory in Asaka, Saitama.

Rebuilding: 2010–2013


The 2009 financial crisis dealt a significant blow to both the solar cell and flat panel display industries. Marumae focused on recovery through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) while pivoting its core business to semiconductors.

Apr. 2011 Closed the Kumamoto Factory.
Jul. 2011 Initiated procedures for revitalizing business through ADR.

New Growth: 2014–2020


Starting around 2015, when we completed our business revitalization plans ahead of schedule, demand for semiconductors saw a sharp uptick owing to the spread of smartphones and the proliferation of cloud servers worldwide. In light of these trends, Marumae took resolute steps in capital investment as a manufacturer of vital components for semiconductor production equipment (SPE). This brought new growth to the company, securing it a place on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).

Jan. 2015 Completed implementation of business revitalization plans through ADR.
Jun. 2015 Completed the 5th factory at Takaono.
Oct. 2015 Completed the 6th factory at Takaono.
Nov. 2016 Established a development department.
Jan. 2017 Completed the 7th factory at Takaono.
Jan. 2018 Moved to the Second Section of the TSE.
Apr. 2018 Started operations at the Izumi Factory in Kagoshima.
Nov. 2018 Listed on the First Section of TSE.
Feb. 2019 Relocated the headquarters to the Izumi Factory.
May 2019 Completed the 8th factory at Takaono.
Listed on the First Section of TSE in 2018.

The Izumi Factory started operations in 2018.