Disclosure Policy and Disclaimer


Disclosure Policy

1. Basic Policy

Marumae Co., Ltd. (hereinafter Marumae) is committed to prompt information disclosure to shareholders and investors on the basis of transparency, fairness, and continuity. Marumae discloses information according to the Securities and Exchange Law and the Timely Disclosure Rules set by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), and Marumae will proactively disclose information in a timely manner if we determine that such information may be useful for your understanding of our company.

2. Information Disclosure Method

For the disclosure of important information subject to the Timely Disclosure Rules set by TSE, Marumae discloses such information by registering it on the Timely Disclosure network (TDnet) after providing an explanation to TSE. After registration on TDnet, Marumae will promptly provide the same information to news media, and post the same data on our website by the following business day.

3. Matters Related to Sales Estimates and Forecasts

Except for information based on historical and current facts of Marumae and affiliated companies, information posted on our website such as the plans, future prospects, and strategies of Marumae and affiliated companies are future prospects, and such are described according to the judgments and assumptions based on the information available at the time of disclosure. Therefore, actual performance may differ from estimates and forecasts, which involve various risks, uncertainties, and economic circumstances.

4. Quiet Period

To prevent account settlement information from leaking and to ensure fairness, Marumae has set a specific period as a "Quiet Period." During this period, we refrain completely from conducting individual interviews, attending meetings, responding to questions about account settlement, or providing comments. However, if sales estimates may change significantly during said quiet period, Marumae will disclose information appropriately according to the Disclosure Rules. Even during the quiet period, we respond to questions if such questions are within the range of information that has already been disclosed.

- "Quiet Period"
From the following day of the end date of each quarter until the day when the business performance for the quarter concerned is announced

- "Quarterly business performance announcement day"
The announcement day for the business performance of the quarter concerned will be posted on our website by the following month of the end date of each quarter.

5. Written Oath on Timely Disclosure

The "Written Oath on Timely Disclosure" and the "Brief Overview of the Timely Disclosure System," which were submitted to TSE, are posted on our website. Please peruse them.
- Written Oath on Timely Disclosure (Body) (28.4 KB)
- Brief Overview of the Timely Disclosure System (attached to the Written Oath on Timely Disclosure) (115 KB)


Before Using IR Information

The purpose of the IR information posted on our website is to provide various information, including financial information and management indexes, of Marumae Co., Ltd. (hereinafter Marumae), but no representation or warranty is given as to the content of the information.
The purpose of posting information on the website is not to induce investment. When you actually invest, we request that you make a judgment regarding said investment by yourself without relying completely on the information on our website.

About the Information Posted on Our Website

Although we give our full attention to the information posted on our website, we assume no responsibility for incorrect data that may be contained in the posted information, for data falsified by a third party, or for trouble that occurs due to any operation such as the downloading of data, regardless of the reason.

About Forward-looking Statements

Part of the information posted on our website may describe our future business performance. These descriptions do not guarantee such future business performance, and they may involve risks or uncertainties. Please keep in mind that future business performance may differ from actual results, which depend on changing circumstances.

About the Operation of Our Website

The operation of our website may be interrupted or terminated, and the contents may be changed without prior notice.
In addition, our website may not be able to be used properly because of the communication environment, your device's operating environment, or other reasons. Please note that we assume no responsibility for any trouble, disadvantage, or damage caused by the events described above.